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AC - Allis Chalmers
C-IH - Case International
IH - International Harvester
Int. - International
JD - John Deere
MF - Massy Ferguson
MM - Minneapolis Moline
NH - New Holland
NI - New Idea
SF - Sunflower
4WD - 4 wheel drive
ac. - acre
ac - air conditioned
anhyd. - anhydrous
AT - automatic transmission
CH - corn head
cult. - cultivator
dsl. - diesel
eng. - engine
fert. - fertilizer
GH - grain head
hyd. - hydraulic
HP - horsepower
PS - power steering
PTO - power take off
WF - wide front
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 Records 681 to 700 of 714
(12) head Angus cross feeders, steers & heifers, 450 lbs., vaccinated; (10) head 300 lb. Holstein steers, dehorned & vaccinated. 937-750-0741 Arcanum, OH.

(14) Angus/Angus Cross synchronized heifers, due Mar 1st, 2015, 1100 lb. avg. wgt. 812-276-8406, 812-388-7354 Williams, IN.

(17) cows, (1) bull, (13) calves. 859-384-1367 Union, KY.

(2) front lot Longhorn steers, 7' trophy horns, broke to lead, $1.35 per lb. 765-914-0886.

4x5 round bales of hay for sale, kept inside, $25/bale, bowed. 765-945-7403 or 765-860-7453.

Alfalfa & grass hay. Horse & dairy quality, high protein & RFV, small or large sq. bales & rounds. Delivery available. Smith Sales, Inc. 606-303-3867. Dunnville, KY.

All hay, 4'x5', net wrapped, barn kept, 2013 grass hay, $18/bale; 2014 2nd cut grass, $25/bale; 2014 1st cut alfalfa orchard grass, $30. 513-617-6284 North Hamilton, OH.

All wheat straw, small sq. bales, $4 ea. 812-290-1058 Rising Sun IN.

Approx. 5000 bales small, long cut straw, clean. Call Carolyn or Norris Works. 812-534-3471 or 3472. Cell 513-405-8054 East Enterprise, IN.

Big bales $75 ea.; round bale baleage $40 ea. Alfalfa 1st and 2nd cutting. 937-407-0603 Wapakoneta, OH.

Brome hay, (100) round bales, 5x4, no rain, stored inside, $30 ea. 513-535-9721 Aurora, IN.

Cert. organic first cutting, mixed grass/clover, (120) 4x5 net wrapped bales, $32 ea. 812-621-0541 Greensburg, IN.

Dry wheat straw, 3'x4'x8' big bales, 1050 lbs. ea. 989-205-7553 Ottawa Lake, MI.

Good alfalfa, 175+ RFV; also exc. mixed hay, alfalfa & orchardgrass & small squares. Joe Grinstead. 317-966-2305 Zionsville, IN.

Hay & straw. Small and large 3x3x8 sq. bales. Call for prices. R.W. Oates, LLC. 517-286-6241 Waldron, MI.

Hay & straw. 3x3x8 bales, straw $125 per ton; hay starting at $125. Semi delivery available. 937-407-3710 Rushsylvania, OH.

Large quanity small squares, mixed grass, $2.50-$3.00; Timothy $4.50. Good quality, good color. 4x5 grass, $10-25. Stored inside. 513-417-1185, 812-438-3757 Rising Sun, IN.

Large round bales alfalfa orchard grass hay, net wrapped; small sq. bales alfalfa. 765-993-1881 Richmond, IN.

One bale or semi loads. Alfalfa orchard grass, oats alfalfa, straw, rye. Large squares, small squares, baleage. If we don't have it, you probably don't need it. McMinn Farms. 765-883-7349 Russiaville, IN.

Round bales alfalfa/orchard grass, 1st through 3rd cuttings; also other types hay, $20-$40. 812-599-0381 Madison, IN.

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 Records 681 to 700 of 714