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Scarecrow Cupcakes

2 (13-oz. each) bags Cookies & Snickers Fun Size Bars, unwrapped
1 (13-oz.) bag Twix Caramel Cookie Fun Size Bars, unwrapped
1 (14-oz.) bag M&MíS Peanut Butter Chocolate Candies for Halloween or M&MíS Milk Chocolate Candies for Halloween
1 (13-oz.) bag Snickers Fun Size Bars, unwrapped and chopped
1 (18.25-oz.) box yellow cake mix
1 (16-oz.) can vanilla frosting
6 shredded wheat biscuits
1 tube brown decoratorís icing

Preheat oven to 350įF. Line cupcake pans with paper cupcake liners.

Prepare yellow cake mix according to package instructions.

Fold chopped Fun Size bars into batter before transferring to cupcake pans. Bake 18Ė21 minutes. Remove from oven, transfer to wire rack, and let cool completely.

Tint vanilla frosting beige by blending with 1 tablespoon brown decoratorís icing. Spread beige frosting on cupcake.

Hats: Place 1 Fun Size bar at top of each cupcake, and top with Caramel Cookie bars to resemble rim on hat.

Hair & Neck: Arrange strands of shredded wheat under hat and around neck.

Face: Use Peanut M&MíS for eyes and nose. Create mouth with remaining brown decoratorís frosting.

Tip: Consider using cut licorice laces, snipped fruit chews or shredded coconut instead of shredded wheat biscuits for ďhair.Ē

All materials are courtesy of M&MíS Seasonal Brands. Family Features Editorial Syndicate

Published in the October 26, 2005 issue of Farm World.