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Hazelnut Harvest Waffle with Cranberry Pear Sauce


2 c. cranberries, fresh or frozen
1 c. orange juice
2/3 c. sugar
2 pears, peeled, cored, cut into 1-inch cubes
1 t. bourbon or vanilla
1 c. low fat whipped topping
3/4 c. canned, solid-pack pumpkin
3/4 c. whole milk
2 eggs
1 T. vegetable oil
1 2/3 c. pancake mix 1 c. hazelnuts, toasted, skin removed, chopped (plus additional to garnish, if desired)
1 1/4 t. ground allspice
Ground cinnamon, to garnish (if desired)


Bring cranberries, orange juice and sugar to slow boil over medium-high heat in medium saucepan. Cook 7 minutes. Add pears and continue to slow boil 6 to 8 minutes until berries burst, pears are softened and mixture is reduced to 2 cups. Remove from heat.

Stir bourbon or vanilla into whipped topping until blended; cover and refrigerate.

Whisk pumpkin, milk, eggs and oil in small bowl until blended. Stir in pancake mix, hazelnuts and allspice until blended. If mixture is too thick, add additional milk.

Spread 1 1/3 cups batter over preheated waffle iron. Cook as directed on mix package. Place 1/4 cup cranberry-pear sauce and dollop whipped topping over each waffle square. Garnish with ground cinnamon and chopped hazelnuts, if desired. Serve immediately.

All materials are courtesy of Cranberry Marketing Committee, Hazelnut Council and Pear Bureau Northwest.

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Published in the January 25, 2006 issue of Farm World.