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Tampa Bingo Ladies Bourbon Balls
Skinny Cooks

1 c. powdered sugar
2 T. cocoa
1/4 c. bourbon
2 T. light corn syrup
2 1/2 c. vanilla wafer crumbs. Vanilla wafers run through a food processor
1 c. coarsely chopped walnuts or pecans

Mix together the powdered sugar and cocoa. In another pan stir together the bourbon and light corn syrup. Add the liquid to the sugar/cocoa mixture and stir together.
Add the vanilla wafer crumbs and the chopped walnuts or pecans to the batch. Stir together well.
Here’s another place where I’m not sure if the girls were serious. They suggested taking a bourbon break while the flavors blended together properly.
Take teaspoons of the dough and roll it into 1” balls. Roll the balls in powdered sugar and there you have the finished product.
The ladies said “Store the balls between layers of waxed paper in air tight containers such as plastic bags, Tupperware or candy tins and they will keep up to three weeks.”
However, I figure that these will only last about two or three hours when the Tampa Bingo Ladies get together. I promised not to mention their Jell-O shots so I won’t.
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This farm news was published in the February 8, 2006 issue of Farm World.