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2003: Triplet Angus calves born healthy and sweetly named
55 years ago
The Farmers Elevator of Oakville, Ind., has completed and now opens for business its new liquid fertilizer plant. Rhoton Cross is the plant manager, with staff operators Charles Holsinger, Lincoln Bowers, Dale Easton and Don Siewert.

A Dodgeville, Wis., farmer, Merle Drager, 41, has signed a contract to buy a 310-acre farm from a University of Wisconsin economist on the following terms: 70,000 pounds of milk annually for 30 years to pay for the farm. The farmer and his wife have 10 children.
Tennessee Corp. announces a new warehouse for superior-quality Loma and Tennco fertilizers bags and bulk, at R.W. Jones Canning Co. in Arlington, Ind. See your nearest T-C dealer or R.W. Jones of Arlington or Martin Osborne in Rushville, Ind.

40 years ago
A pig valued at between $175-$200 was returned to the farm of Harry Free in Greenfield, Ind., after it was reported stolen. The pig was easily identifiable, as the tops of both ears had been cut off. It is believed this is the reason it was returned.

Paul Stanley of Rushville and Thomas Miller of Milroy, both traveling on Road 44 east of Rushville, struck cattle that had wandered onto the roadway. Damage to the Stanley car was light, at $100. Miller’s car hit and killed both Angus cattle, belonging to Bret Buhler, and the damage to Miller’s car was set at $1,300. The cattle were valued at $900.

Real estate for sale: 172 acres 100 acres fertile bottomland bisected by a small living stream. Balance luscious pasture. No house, two barns, excellent fencing, has cattle corral. A veritable Shangri-la! Indiana 1 north from IR-70; asking $425 per acre or make us an offer – Tri-County Real Estate, Cambridge City, Ind.

25 years ago

Ac-O-Acres complete dispersal sale, at the farm in Dowagiac, Mich. More than 100 head, with an average of twice-a-day milking with four cows currently milking more than 100 pounds. In the past year, there have been five records completed over 1,000 pounds fat, 15 records over 900 pounds fat and 11 records over 24,000 pounds of milk. Herd average 19,767/4.0/797 – David & Joyce Accoe with Price-Leffler, Auctioneers.

Logan County, Ohio, 725 acres 50,000 bushels grain storage with Shivvers drying system and machine shed. This farm has 390 acres corn base; considerable tiling has been done, above-average productivity. 657 acres tillable, priced to sell at $1,373 an acre – Leis Realty, Greenville, Ohio.

The Banvel herbicide 24 (c) label allowing pre-harvest applications for control of hemp dogbane in corn and grain sorghum is still in effect. The 24 (c) label permits this use in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and South Dakota.

10 years ago

Farmers who did not plant Starlink corn may be eligible for compensation from a proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit filed by farmers, who claimed they were hurt by consumer fears generated when unapproved Starlink corn was found in the food supply.

Dillman Enterprises of Peru, Ind.: 1995 White GMC M-11 Cummins, 10-speed, air, 120 inches inside, swing side doors and rear, $13,500 for both; 1966 706 gas, 72 hp, factory 3 pt., W.F., weights, super clean, $5,800.

Triplet Angus calves were born on Tom Korniak’s farm in Jasper County, and all three were born healthy and remain so.
The calves were named Carmel, Fudge and Apple Crisp by Korniak’s granddaughters.