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AC - Allis Chalmers
C-IH - Case International
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JD - John Deere
MF - Massy Ferguson
MM - Minneapolis Moline
NH - New Holland
NI - New Idea
SF - Sunflower
4WD - 4 wheel drive
ac. - acre
ac - air conditioned
anhyd. - anhydrous
AT - automatic transmission
CH - corn head
cult. - cultivator
dsl. - diesel
eng. - engine
fert. - fertilizer
GH - grain head
hyd. - hydraulic
HP - horsepower
PS - power steering
PTO - power take off
WF - wide front
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 Records 681 to 700 of 1080
5x5 alfalfa baleage, $60/bale, 2nd & 3rd cut. 270-945-7888 Payneville, KY.

5x5 net wrapped round bales, grass mix, $120 per ton, in barn. 740-852-0271 South Vienna, OH.

5x5 net wrapped bales alfalfa orchard grass hay, stored inside, $50 per bale. 765-969-1918 Hagerstown, IN.

Alfalfa & grass hay. Horse & dairy quality, high protein & RFV, small or large sq. bales & rounds. Delivery available. Smith Sales, Inc. 606-303-3867. Dunnville, KY.

Alfalfa & orchard grass baleage & dry hay, Sudangrass baleage (all large bales). 765-654-5414 Frankfort, IN.

Alfalfa 2nd & 3rd cutting, exc. quality, small squares, $5/bale. 765-998-7654 Marion, IN.

Alfalfa 2nd and 3rd cut, $4.50 per bale. 765-744-3832 Yorktown, IN.

Alfalfa alfalfa/orchard grass baleage & dry hay, 3x4x7' bales, $190/ton. Delivery avail. 260-578-2288 Silver Lake, IN.

Alfalfa baleage 3x3x6, about 1250 lbs, 50% moisture, Sudan grass, oats and wheat baleage. 419-487-0037 or 419-542-7821, leave a message.

Alfalfa grass hay, (1000) 3x3x8; (800) 4x5 net wrapped round bales. Volume discount. 630-816-9056, 630-557-2003 Elburn, IL.

Alfalfa hay, small squares, 2nd cutting, $5 bale. 317-694-2859 Greenfield, IN.

Alfalfa second and third cutting, square bales; round bales, grass hay. 765-698-2406 Laurel, IN.

Alfalfa small square, 3rd cut, $4 a bale. Grass hay, 2nd cutting, $3.50 a bale. 812-614-1924 Greensburg, IN.

Baleage 2nd thru 5th cutting, 165 to 192 RFQ. NEL as high as .73, $195 per ton. Delivery available. 317-242-9158 Thorntown, IN.

Barley straw, small squares in bundles of 21, $6.00/bale. 812-521-9034 Seymour, IN.

Clover hay, big squares, 3x4x8, semi loads available. Good quality hay made right, no rain. Call John 419-345-6299, $150 ton delivery available.

Dairy Alfalfa 2015 crop. 812-254-6809 ask for Terry. 812-444-9071 Washington, IN.

Dry wheat straw, 3'x4'x8' big bales, 1050 lbs. ea. 989-205-7553 Ottawa Lake, MI.

For sale: High quality spelt and wheat straw. Large square bales. 3x3x8, $140/ton fob Wakeman, OH. Delivery available. 419-706-3862 or 440-839-2934.

Good alfalfa, 175+ RFV; also exc. mixed hay, alfalfa & orchardgrass & small squares. Joe Grinstead. 317-966-2305 Zionsville, IN.

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 Records 681 to 700 of 1080