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Hutchinson Adds New Belt Conveyor & Belt Hopper

Hutchinson, a division of Global Industries, Inc., recently introduced the new Seed Edition Belt Conveyor and the new Drive Over Belt Hopper.

The Seed Edition Belt Conveyor gently moves larger quantities of seed while reducing the amount of seed damage that is associated with a standard flighted auger. The Seed Edition Belt Conveyor is a “top drive” design with capacities up to 4,000 BPH. Additional features include large 35-inch x 65-inch hopper with collapsible spring supported canvas; low profile hopper with 7.5-inch clearance; and an adjustable black plastic discharge spout with 12-inch round outlet.

The new belt conveyor also has exclusive belt alignment guide rollers that maintain belt tracking and alignment, which helps with belt wear. It comes with a choice of hydraulic or electric drive options. All units feature a durable powder coat finish. The main housing is a 10-inch galvanized tube.

The new Drive Over Belt Hopper has a 24-inch PVC crescent pattern capable of moving up to 10,000 BPH. Other features on the Drive Over Belt Hopper include a large 7-foot x 10-foot wide dump area with fully integrated low profile ramps requiring a minimal 5.5-inch clearance; exclusive walk across platform and handrail; and exclusive belt alignment guides that maintain proper belt tracking, which helps belt wear.

It comes with a choice of hydraulic, electric or PTO drive options. Its portable design provides high capacity unloading in virtually any location. The large discharge outlet features a fully adjustable 16-inch x 21-inch rectangular outlet. All units feature a durable powder coat finish.

For more information on the Seed Edition Belt Conveyor or the Drive Over Belt Hopper, visit or call 1-800-523-6993.