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John Deere Introduces Two Low-Emission Chain Saw Models

John Deere PRO-SERIES™ chain saws include two new low-emission models, the CS36LE and CS40LE Lightweight Professional saws. The CS36LE and CS40LE feature a 35.2-cc and a 39-cc engine with 2.1 and 2.4 horsepower, respectively.

With bar sizes available from 14 to 18 inches, these saws are designed for use on the jobsite, on the farm or around the home.

These light, 9.5-lb. saws are ergonomically designed for maneuverability and operating comfort while providing high-speed cutting and increased productivity with progressive torque. Like the entire line of John Deere PRO-SERIES chain saws, the CS36LE and CS40LE have a no-oil-at-idle feature that reduces consumption and works in conjunction with the new low-emission engine to keep the environment cleaner.

A three-piece crankshaft reduces vibration for more comfortable operation. The three-piece clutch makes for smoother clutch engagement and has more clutch surface to reduce slippage. For operator safety, each chain saw is equipped with an inertia chain brake, guidebar safety tip and low-kickback chain.

The chain saws can be equipped or used in conjunction with a variety of accessories, including a 12- to 36-in. bar chain; 16- and 20-in. bar scabbard; carrying case; chaps; ear muffs; file handle; flat file; file and guide; grease gun; guidebars; helmet; safety glasses; sharpening kit shield; and 5-, 8-, and 10-in. wedges.

All John Deere chain saws have a two-year consumer limited warranty and a 120-day commercial limited warranty.