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Connectivity is expensive for rural folk

Farm and Food File By Alan Guebert
Beware bad syllogisms, they tell untrue, farm-related tales

Hoosier Ag Today By Gary Truitt
Funds for federal ag research facilities falls short of needs
Policy Pennings By Daryll E. Ray and Harwood D. Sc
Improved internet access now crucial in rural areas
Other Voices from around the FarmWorld
Let’s keep farms safe for kids
Other Voices from around the FarmWorld
Updated USDA balance sheets negative for grains, support soy
Market Analysis By Karl Setzer
Milk-per-cow growth is slow, lowers production estimates
Mielke Market Weekly By Lee Mielke
Most areas in Midwest will endure rain in next 10 days
Market Weather by Ryan Martin
Expected progeny differences an important tool for ranchers
Black Inc by Miranda Reiman
New musicians know how to tweet, and sing and play

Rural Route Music Bluegrass Johnson
Restoring Ford Model BB is not the end of his work

Wrenching Tales By Cindy Ladage
Fog forms in hollows before dawn and fireflies are leaving
Poor Willís Almanack By Bill Felker
Amish post-apocalyptic novel unusual, and good
The Bookworm Sez by Terri Schlichenmeyer
After 30 years, Turpin to retire as a happy camper
On Six Legs By Tom Turpin
Seek protection of God, don’t hide under a tree
Verses from Mama By Sandra Sheridan
A reminder of little things that can be done anytime
Truth in the Trenches By Melissa Hart
Views & Opinions
A reminder of little things that can be done anytime