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Views and opinions: Your babies leaving the nest is stressful, but OK


Job 38:41 — “Who prepares for the raven its nourishment when its young cry to God and wander about without food?”

Dear Mama Bird,

I discovered your nest the other day when I opened our normally unused front door to let in some sunshine. Tucked into the hanging wreath was material you gathered to make a safe place for your babies. The four delicate blue eggs looked safe and secure in their warm home.

Over the past week I have watched your eggs hatch and produce four little babies. Each day these little ones look to you for nourishment. They always raise their heads when I open the door to peek into their world. I know they are looking for you and all you provide.

Mama Bird, enjoy these little ones while you can. There is coming a day when they will have feathers, spread their wings and fly away. This is a good thing and it is what you are raising them to do, but it will be a little hard when they finally leave. I know this quite well.

Almost 21 years ago one of my babies was born. As a little guy he loved birds and got a lot of pleasure out of watching those like you build nests, sing in the treetops and soar through the sky. We used to call him “bird boy,” until he informed us that he was actually a “birder.”

This summer my baby has flown far away to countries across the ocean. He has become a man. He and a friend are riding their bicycles across Europe, and my nest has one less now. This can be a time of anxiety, but I want to remind you not to be afraid.

Our heavenly Father is watching over all of our children. There is nowhere on Earth where they are outside of His care. Not even the smallest of sparrows can fall to the ground without His noticing (Matthew 10:29).

And He provides nourishment for raven chicks when they cry out for food (Job 38:41). He is attentive to every detail; you and I have nothing to fear.

So, Mama Bird, don’t worry about your babies. In just a short time they will fly away from your nest, but they will be well taken care of. Our heavenly Father watches over them with attentive loving care and they are safe in His hands.


Another Mama


Sandra Sheridan is a Midwest wife and mother of five. She shares her messages to her children with Farm World. Visit her at